Equip. Maint.
Shaka Engingeering has a proven track record of providing quality equipment maintenance services.  We work hard to save you both time and money by making sure your equipment lasts as long and runs as well as possible.

In addition to mechanical repair and engineering, we provide insulation services for the vessels we work on as well.

Mech. Repair
We handle all types of mechanical repair both on land and in the sea.  Our skilled team of technicians is known for getting the job done right.

Non-Destructive Testing: Audio Gauge Thickness, Mag Partical and Dye Penetrant, Hull Surveys for USCG and American Bureau of Shipping

Ship Repairs
Shaka Engineering has successfully completed ship repairs on small vessels all the way through military tankers.

From specialty staircases and aluminum fences to cutting access holes in Navy tankers, our expert welding jobs can help your project to look and function the way it should.